“In Business, as in Life, you don’t get what you Deserve, you get what you Negotiate “
Dr. Chester L. Karrass - Karrass

The world’s most widely attended seminar on Negotiating KARRASS Effective Negotiating® seminar, teaches Strategies, Tactics and Techniques that can be applied immediately in your professional and personal life. Learning and using effective negotiating techniques will empower you to create relationships and outcomes in which both parties win.

Why take “No” for an Answer?

Successful people don’t. They get what they want by negotiating better deals for both parties. The strength of your agreements, understandings & relationships mean the difference between success and failure. Poor agreements bring nagging dissatisfaction and aggravation. Good ones help you reach and exceed your objectives and create satisfaction for the other person as well.

This is True whether you are:

  • Determining the price and terms at which you buy or sell.
  • Closing with an important customer.
  • Persuading others to work with and not against you.
  • Settling a dispute with a supplier, strategic partner or another department.
  • Finalizing and administrating simple or complex contracts.
  • Working out a problem with someone important to you.

There is no Better Time than Now:

Negotiating skills will even be more important to your organization in the upcoming year and those ahead. 2009 will be a challenging year for many industries and businesses. Maintaining margins in shrinking markets and reducing costs when raw material prices are increasing will be increasingly more difficult.

Not only will new agreements be more complex but agreements with customers and suppliers already in place need to be looked at to determine how they should be renegotiated.

Bring Karrass Effective Negotiating® to your Company:

When the KARRASS program is conducted on an in-house basis it is customized for the group to address the real world negation issues they encounter on a day to day basis. Cross-departmental seminars help your organization build an Organizational Negotiating Strategy where everyone is speaking a common language.

Learn how to protect your interests, create satisfaction for the other party and how to find a better deal for both while having a great time. The best learning experience occurs when the process is enjoyable. Many people are surprised by how much fun it is to spend two days at a KARRASS® seminar.


Unlike many seminars where you walk away all enthused but weeks later are not applying what you heard, Karrass graduates walk away with an experience they will never forget. They also leave armed with two of Dr. Karrass’s books and an 11 hour set of CD’s for a continuing Learning Experience.

I recently attended the Karrass Effective Negotiating seminar at the Honeywell facility in Redmond. It was the point, very well presented, pertinent, enlightening, and the best training class that I have had the pleasure to attend.
Gary Duvall - Regional Manager- Honeywell


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