My sales production increased by 45% as a result of this seminar.”
Craig Barrett - Account Specialist, Charles Schwab

Close more Sales – Know your Selling Strengths and How your Customer WANTS to be Sold.

Do you find it more difficult to connect with some clients than with others? They don’t return your calls and you don’t understand why? Why is it salespeople can build relationships so easily and quickly with some buyers and cannot with others? You are limiting your success if you are not able to build relationships with ALL types of personalities, from the demanding bottom line Driver to the questioning Analytical decision maker.

More than two million successful salespeople already have learned this. They understand how to read and adapt to behavior styles that are different from their own. Buyers buy from people they like, and like people who are similar to them!

The secret to closing more sales is simple: Treat prospects the way they like to be treated!

Stop Losing Sales: Sell Behaviorally!

A salesperson who is not selling behaviorally is at best only 25-50% effective!

A seller’s Behavior Style (words, tone, and body language) either attracts another person or sets up a negative emotional barrier between you and them. The way in which you approach someone, negotiate and communicate with them determines if they will be receptive to your sales presentation.

It is not as much WHAT you say, but HOW you say it!

Traditional selling treated all buyers alike with standard sales strategies and techniques. But when the strengths of a Seller’s “Style” fail to connect with the Buyer’s “Style” the sales process breaks down. Research has proven that when a seller adapts to the buyer’s behavioral needs his or her sales increase.

A Customer Manual – for Closing More Sales

They have manuals for computers, why not for people?

Infocus can provide your sales team with a Customer Manual that uses the D.I.S.C. Universal Language to form a common bond and build rapport that facilitates the sale with any type of buyer. When a salesperson can “Recognize, “Understand” and “Adapt to” the customer’s Behavioral Style, closing ratios and sales volume immediately improve.

  • DOMINANCE – The “D” – Wants to know the bottom line.
  • INFLUENCE – The “I” – Buy what is new and innovative.
  • STEADINESS – The “S” – Likes safe solutions.
  • COMPLIANCE – The “C” – Needs data and facts.

Identify your customer’s style and gain insight into their servicing expectations, their decision-making style, what motivates them, and how to effectively present your products and services.

Join the Ranks of Top Performing Sales people

The most successful Salespeople Know Themselves..Their Strengths and Limitations… Do you know yours?

  • DOMINANCE – The “D” – Motivated by challenge; Persistent; Strong closer.
  • INFLUENCE – The “I” – Uses Enthusiasm and is highly persuasive.
  • STEADINESS – The “S” – Is patient and has excellent listening skills.
  • COMPLIANCE – The “C” – Is self-disciplined and well prepared.

Learn your Behavior Style in your personalized 26 page Sales Success Insights Behavioral Profile . Discover your strengths, communication preferences, your ideal environment where you are most likely to succeed and how to need to adapt to be more effective.

This ONE- DAY fast paced seminar provides and enhanced Learning experience using video, PowerPoint, role plays and interactive discussion:

  • Identify the Buyer’s Style: Learn how to read behavioral clues by the way your customer plays golf, decorates their office or sits at their desk or conference table. Discover how each person likes to be sold. Understand their goals, fears, communication preferences and how they make decisions
  • Capitalize on your Selling Strengths: Are you a Driver, an Influencer or an Analytical>? Discover your Style’s selling strengths and limitations and what youcan do to become more effective.
  • “Win Over” even the Toughest Customers: Certain combinations of Behavior Styles complement each other while others clash. Gain an understanding of why these conflicts occur and how to diffuse the tension and discomfort.
  • Stop Loosing Sales: Learn which “styles” to which you sell well naturally and which are costing you sales! Any salesperson who is not selling behaviorally is at best only 25-50% effective. Increase your closing success with Infocus Training
Behavioral Selling Workshop

Topic outline:

  • The Four Dimensions of Behavior – What they measure.
  • Understanding your DISC Behavioral Sales Style .
  • Behavioral Tendencies of Each Style.
  • How to Identify the Styles of Others.
  • Motivating and Communicating With Each Style.
  • Body Language “Mirroring” to facilitate success negotiations.
  • Application Exercises and Role Plays (tailored for selling the specific products or services of the attendees)
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