TTI Insights Fit Series

Talent management is a key component in the long-term success of any company, and it starts with finding the best job fit for each employee. Whether you are working with a new hire or a current employee, creating an idealjob and talent match is a determining satisfaction and long term retention. People perform at higher levels when they are doing what they do best.

If a Job could talk, it would clearly define the knowledge, hard skills, people skills, behavior and values required of an individual for superior performance in that job. TTI Fit series helps you find the best job by comparing what the Job requires to what the job candidate possesses.

It combines three assessments that have proven their effectiveness inthe marketplace in the areas that they measure: The Behaviors people bring to the job, the Values that motivates them to do the job and the Task Preferences of each individual.

A Complete System for Matching Jobs with the Right Talent

When used for employee selection, the TTI Fit/Job measures the job’s requirements to establish the Benchmark for comparison with the job candidate’s TTI Fit/Talent profile.

  • Behaviors: The How
    An individual’s Core DISC Style determines how they communicate with others, interact with others, solve problems and make decisions. The TTI Fit/Job profile reveals the 8 behavioral traits demanded by the job.
  • Values: The Why
    Values are the drivers behind our behavior and motivate us into action. There are 6 Primary Values that drive human behavior: Theoretical, Utilitarian, Aesthetic, Social, Individualistic and Traditional.An individual will only be committed and sustain focus on a position if it fulfills their values and life’s interests. The TTI Fit profile defines the top three Values that are rewarded by both the Job and the Corporate Culture.
  • TTI Task Quotient: The Preference
    Another differentiator between people is their Preferences in the Way they Want to Work. TQ™ defines the ideal mixture of task types (Routine, Troubleshooting and Project) that provide an individual the most intrinsic motivation, and personal satisfaction. TTI Fit quickly determines the individual’s Task Preference Blend and assesses a percentage for each:

    • Routine – Highly predictable tasks that must be accomplished immediately.
    • Troubleshooting – Highly unpredictable tasks that must be accomplished immediately.
    • Project – Highly predictable tasks that do not need to be accomplished immediately.

The Task Quotient results are used in a wide range of applications that will produce the highest level of individual satisfaction, enthusiasm and performance.

Applications in Your Business

  • Job Benchmarking
  • Talent Selection and Retention
  • Employee Coaching and Development
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Succession Planning
  • Organizational Development
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