Job Benchmarking


Turnover alone costs companies Billions of dollars a year. And what about the employees you still have? Is their disengagement costing you even more?

“Over 70% of Americans who go to work are disengaged.” — Gallup Organization.

Solve the Job Mismatch dilemma and improve your bottom line with engaged, energized employees who are in the “Right Job.” Turnover and disengagement stem from a poor job fit. In the current climate of increased competition and higher expectations from customers, having the right people in the right jobs is critical to staying on top.

The industry leaders will be those companies who have identified the Right Talent for key roles and have them lined up for the Right Position at any time needed to deliver the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

“We Grow as a Company, by Growing our People.”  — Unilever

Complete Hiring, Development & Succession Planning Systems

The most effective way to increase RETENTION and avoid the job mismatch problem in your organization is through the use of a Job Benchmarking System. Our benchmarking systems identify the traits and qualities that an individual must possess to be successful in a particular position or leadership role and removes common biases often associated with the traditional hiring process.

With a process that takes a forward thinking approach to hiring, considering not just the right fit for today, but visible pathways for career development for every high potential employee, employees know that management is invested in their life and career.

From the very beginning when HIRING, through DEVELOPMENT and SUCCESSION PLANNING we provide a defined process for charting Behavioral Traits, Task Preferences, Values that Motivate them and the Attributes or skills they bring the organization.

First, Benchmark the Job

What talents does a job require for Superior Performance? Only the JOB has the answer, so let the job talk and listen carefully!

All jobs have unique requirements for certain Behaviors (Analytical or a Visionary) as well as Values it rewards (opportunities to Learn, to Help others or to Lead) a predominant culture that drives performance excellence and Attributes or Skills ( Personal Accountability, Resiliency, Self Management) to be successful in that job.

When the job’s required behaviors, rewards and culture are in line with the behaviors and values of the employee, PERFORMANCE excels.

The benchmarking process involves Key Stakeholders who identify the Key Accountabilites of the position. They then respond to a three-part on-line questionnaire that identifies the Top 7 Attributes, 5 Behaviors & 3 Values required to be successful in the position. Interview questions are provided to identify these traits in candidate interviews. A Benchmarking Process Flow Diagram is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Then, Match Candidates to the Job Benchmark!


Job candidates know how to impress in an interview. But how do you sort out those who really will excel from those who tell a good story? By comparing and matching the candidates Behaviors, Values and Talents to those determined in your Benchmark subjectivity and biases are removed and the predictability of a successful hire is dramatically increased.

Begin Today!

A Benchmark can be created for Behaviors, Values or Talents individually or combined in the most comprehensive benchmark on the market today, the TriMetrix Benchmarking System.



The Fit Series Behaviors (Values and Task Preference)

Job and Talent Insights ( Behaviors and Values)

TTI Workplace Behaviors ( Behaviors only)

Jobs Energizing People Profile ( Values only)

Task Quotient ( Task preference only)

TriMetric Job/Talent Comparison Report

The Job Benchmarking Process Flow Diagram

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