DISC Clue 100712
Modifying Communication
 It is not as much WHAT you say
but HOW you say It!
This week’s Clue: Watch your Language!
Communication consists of Words, Body Language and Vocal Elements.  Words however represent only 7% of commincation with Body Language having the main share at 55% and Vocal Elements ringing in second at 38%.
In the North American culture we are generally taught to use direct eye contact but in some cultures direct eye contact can be considered an insult. Similarly  direct eye contact attracts certain D.I.S.C. Styles but makes other Styles feel uncomfortable.
Modifying your words,  body language, the pace at which you speak and the tone of your voice can make the difference in establishing a positive connection with someone.
This week’s clue to DISCovering the Styles offers suggestions on how to modify your communication with each of the four Styles.