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Don’t be Clueless!

Have you ever wondered why it is easier for you to connect with some people than with others?
Have you ever wished you knew exactly how to break through the communication barrier that seems to exist between you and a customer or colleague?

Stop wondering and wishing 


Your customers, co-workers and suppliers all have a unique Behavior Style that determines how they approach thier work and thier relationships.

Using the wrong approach creates tension and can prevent the possibility of establishing a positive connection with someone.

With DISC Clues you’ll learn the Priorities and Preferences of each of the 4 Styles and the correct communication approach. Understanding another individual’s perspective enables you to build relationships with people whose priorities and preferences may differ greatly from yours.

DISC Clues was developed as a complimentary service for our clients who have attended an InFocus seminar on DISC as a follow-on training tool.

However even if you have never used a behavioral model or have used a different one, the DISC concepts apply and you can put them to work in your everyday professional and personal interactions.

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Stephanie Lease, CPBA, CPVA

Infocus Training, Inc