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Songs that cause the D.I.S.C. Styles to “Tune in” or “Tune out”

Even the music we prefer reflect our behavioral preferences.   Click this week’s clue for some ideas on album choices the next time you buy a gift for your significant other, good friend or customer. You can make better decisions when …

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D.I.S.C. Communication Do’s and Don’ts

Words are 7% of communication, 38% vocal elements and body language is 55%. On the telephone you can identify an individual’s Behavioral Style by the tone of their voice and pace at which they speak. Once you identify his or her …

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D.I.S.C. At Work Office Roles and Behaviors

When you treat people in a way that allows them to feel comfortable with you,  tension decreases. When tension goes down, posit ive outcomes, trust, credibility & productivity go up. How can you get these results with your co-workers and supervisors?  By communicating …

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DISC Wraps it Up!

The way we wrap gifts reflects our “Style” and what appeals to us is influenced by our “Style”  When we buy gifts we usually choose something we think the receiver will enjoy. Click on this week’s clue for hints on …

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Identifying D.I.S.C. Styles

What’s their Style? Each of the four D.I.S.C. Styles has distinct Goals, Fears, Strengths and Over-extensions that may complement or conflict with the other Styles. Recognizing the other person’s Style enables you to adapt your approach to more effectively engage …

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Watch your Language!

Modifying Communication  It is not as much WHAT you say but HOW you say It! This week’s Clue: Watch your Language! Communication consists of Words, Body Language and Vocal Elements.  Words however represent only 7% of commincation with Body Language …

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