Defining Sales Talent

In today’s world increased downward price pressure from customers has made maintaining high margins more difficult. An elevated sales skill level is required that goes beyond traditional selling strategies and techniques. The fundamentals such as product knowledge, identifying customer’s needs and a strong Value-Added proposition are still just as important, but it is NOT ENOUGH any longer.

If a seller cannot build a relationship of trust and open communication with the customer, the benefits of what they are presenting may never be heard. A salesperson’s words, actions, tone of voice and sales approach either attracts the customer or creates an emotional barrier between them.

The most successful salespeople UNDERSTAND THEMSELVES first and know how they IMPACT OTHERS.

Unique Selling Styles

The TTI DISC Success Insights Sales Profile™ provides sales professionals with a deeper understanding of their natural sales style and how they are perceived by their customer.

Selling Styles Buying Styles
D Persistent, Results Oriented D Wants to Know the Bottom Line
I Enthusiastic, Highly Persuasive I Buys What’s New, Innovative & Popular
S Patient, Excellent Listening Skills S Prefers Safe Solutions & Support
C Self-Disciplined, Well Prepared C Needs Data and Facts

Give Customers What They Want with DISC Success Insights Sales Profile

Customers want excellent service and quality products. They want compatible, honest relationships with their sales professionals and custom-made solutions to their problems. The TTI DISC Success Insights Sales Profile provides insights on how to adapt a specific sales style to deliver what the customer wants in the WAY THEY WANT IT.

Understand Your Customers’ Perception

Overextended strengths can often be perceived as weaknesses. The TTI DISC Success Insights Sales Profile identifies how, under certain conditions (tension, stress or fatigue), customers may see this behavior as negative.

Just as it is important to understand your strengths, understanding the negatives associated with your Style will help you create an image that is positive and supportive in any business situation.

  • D – Their sense of urgency may be perceived as pushing too hard
  • I – They may rely on their strong verbal skills and “wing it” appearing unprepared
  • S – Their relaxed style may be perceived as lack of a sense of urgency
  • C – Their “the facts are the facts” approach can be perceived as uncaring

David Kahneman won a Noble prize for his winning claim in 2002 that all human beings are irrational. People would rather do business with people they like and trust more than ones they don’t like, even if the person they like is offering A LOWER QUALITY PRODUCT at a HIGHER PRICE.

DISC Success Insights Sales Profile

Research shows that people like people who Think, Feel and Act similarly to themselves and that BUYERS BUY from salespeople WITH THE SAME BEHAVIOR STYLE as theirs. It further shows that when a seller adapts their Selling Style to the Buyer’s Style their sales increase. The Sales Success profile gives tips on how to sell to each Buying Style.

Plot your Sales Team on the Wheel of Strengths

Unique Selling Style * Selling Strengths & Limitations * The way they handle the Sales Process from Qualifying * Identifying needs * Presenting * How they Close and Service their accounts. It reveals how they like to be Managed and what they need to be Motivated.

NO TWO PROFILES ARE EXACTLY ALIKE because everyone on your sales team is quite UNIQUE. The TTI software examines the intensity of each Behavioral Factor and describes how that unique combination determines:

  • Their Unique Selling Style
  • Their Selling Strengths & Limitations
  • The way they handle the Sales Process from Qualifying, Identifying needs, and Presenting
  • How they Close and Service their accounts
  • How they like to be Managed and what they need to be Motivated.

When your entire team takes the profile, a D.I.S.C. Team Behavioral Report is created that shows where each person places and where the areas of conflict may occur. It may be there are Styles missing from your team that could make it more effective.

Improve Sales Performance & overcome the “Sales Slump”

Ninety percent of all sales professionals who experience a sales slump have merely lost sight of the behavior it takes to be successful.

DISC Success Insights Sales Profile

Immediate Results & Benefits

Analyzing the behavioral makeup of your sales team with the DISC Success Insights Sales Profile yields immediate results and valuable benefits:

  • Spot top performers with a reliable selection method.
  • Evaluate the performance of both new and existing salespeople.
  • Maximize the sales team’s effectivenes.s
  • Bring a salesperson out of a sales slump and back on a winning track.
  • DISC profiles provide action plans for Performance Improvement and annual reviews.
  • Boost sales and margins —the ultimate business objective.


Sample Profile: TTI’s DISC Success Insights Sales Profile

Sample Profile: D.I.S.C. Team Behavioral Report

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