In today’s economy, it is critically important to capture every good opportunity and build loyalty with existing customers. However, low performing salespeople miss those vital opportunities and can actually damage important existing customer relationships.

Having the right people in place and giving them the tools they need to optimize their results can make the difference in how well your organization performs in 2010 and beyond. Regardless of the size or composition of your sales force, Infocus Sales Assessments can help you:

  • Hire Top Performing Sales Representatives
  • Identify your existing salespeople’s Strengths & limitations
  • Measure how well they understand the Sales Process
  • Determine why they “just don’t connect” with some customers
  • How they need to adapt to build strong relationships with any customer

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Personal Talents, Skills Inventory (PTSI) or the DISC Sales Success Insights: Take the Guess Work and Bias out of hiring and only bring on-board the best.

Sales Skills Index: There are seven steps in the sales process, if your account mangers TRIP on ANY STEP, they probably won’t make it to the top. The Sales Strategy Index is designed to address the needs of a client’s entire sales organization from the new hire to the highly tenured rep and provides them with meaningful feedback on how they can improve performance on EACH of the 7 steps. You can quickly train and coach your sales team with E-Learning Videos for self instruction or Infocus can conduct an in-house workshop that is highly customized to industry and unique selling proposition.

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