The “WHY” of Human Behavior

The D.I.S.C. Behavioral assessment tells HOW individuals think,act and perform in the workplace. The Personal Talents Skills Inventory (PTSI) reveals WHAT they can do based on their natural capacities. Their references,education and training tell you if they HAVE the necessary skills. But it is not until we know an individual’s Motivators, that we can understand WHY they do things and what gives them satisfaction in life. The Personal Motivators & Engagement Profile tells us WHY people make the choices they do. The Motivators that drive their decisions and satisfy them. Motivators are principles or standards to which we are drawn and act upon. Why do some individuals derive satisfaction from a sales career and others devote their lives to helping others? What motivates employees to sell, manage, service or connect with customers the way they do? What tasks and work opportunities prompt an employee’s enthusiastic response?

  • Making a customer Happy?
  • A big Commission check?
  • Learning something new?
  • Gaining Power and Leading others?

Why do they differ? The hierarchy of one’s Motivators explains why we enjoy certain activities over others and the career paths that motivate us to excel.

The Key to Motivation and Employee Engagement

An individual can never sustain focus in a position that does not fulfill their life’s Values.

If an individual is not motivated by the core values that the JOB and the Organizational CULTURE reward, it is just a matter of time before they lose interest and leave. They may not even understand what is missing, but enduring employee engagement and satisfaction only occurs when his/her Motivators are being satisfied.

Place the Right People in the Right Jobs

THINK of the advantages in knowing what motivates an employee right from the start, rather than waiting for time to tell. With knowledge of an employee’s Motivators,you can encourage them in a way that satisfies their inner interests and drives. By using the Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values and the Workplace Motivators Profiles in your organization you will be able to establish:

  • How closely job candidates will fit into your organizational culture.
  • If a particular position will be rewarding for them and motivate them to excel.
  • If they are likely to stay in the job or leave after a short period of time.
  • What types of incentive or rewards motivates them to achieve more.

The Six Motivators

There are six Motivators that drive an individuals to action. The hierarchy of those Motivators determines what inspires us and what might repel us.

Included in each Values Profile

Based on the responses, to a short series of questions on the Infocus Training On-Line Assessment Center a completely personalized and unique report is immediately created. The Personal Motivators and Engagement report includes: Brochure: Personal Interests Attitudes & Values

  • The Hierarchy of the individual’s Motivators and how they translate into the following:
    • General Characteristics
    • Value to the Organization
    • Keys to Managing and Motivating
    • Training, Professional Development and Learning Insights
    • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • A Norms and Comparisons section explaining the strength of each value in relation to the national mean
  • A Values Graph and a Values Wheel that provide a visual representation of results
  • A Values Action Plan affirming strengths and encouraging growth and development
  • A Team-Building summary to facilitate sharing personal insights with team members

What it means to You and your Organization

Identifying and understanding what others value, increases receptiveness of viewpoints that differ from one’s own.

When team members can see their co-workers point of view it improves their willingness to cooperate which in turn translates onto greater efficiency and productivity. A team that is collaborative is energized as they work together toward common goals. The benefits include reduced conflict and turnover, and reducing an enormous expense.

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