Growth Curve Ball

Having a Growth Curve X-Ray is almost like having a Crystal Ball giving you a glimpse of your company’s past, current stage of growth and providing guidance for the future”

A virtual blueprint for success for CEO’s and management teams that introduces 9 Fundamentals to build a Profit-Driven, People-Centered, Growth-Smart Company.

When you can Accurately Identify a Problem, you can FIX it

The X-Ray gives an internal view of the real issues that are creating obstacles to the organization’s growth and/or profitability. It creates a strategic planning tool to align the organization around a long-term strategy, enabling it to operate with a cohesive vision. The critical challenges that were not addressed in previous stages of growth are identified as well as the 5 Challenges they will likely face in the next stage and presents a plan to ensure the organization is prepared to move on to the next stage.

The Real Intelligence of an Organization lies within its PEOPLE

Real team collaboration and innovation occurs in a corporate climate where the members understand the company’s culture, core values and strategic vision. They must also see how their role contributes to the company’s growth and profitability.

If employees do not understand the corporate culture and how the company makes its money, they do not understand what type of company behavior best advances the organization’s Mission, Vision and Goals.

Map out your Organization’s FUTURE!

The X-Ray determines the focus of the CEO, examines Leadership Competencies, Leadership Styles, “Hidden Agents”, Gates of Focus and Builder: Protector ratios. A customized “Map of Initiatives” is created for your organization to travel to the next stage of profitable growth.


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