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Predicative Assessments take the Bias and Uncertainty out of your Talent Management Decisions.

  • Which job candidate is the best choice, the one most likely to excel in the position?
  • Who are the potential Leaders in the organization?
  • What type of training does the Sales Team need?
  • How can I help my employees succeed?
  • What is the best career path for me?

These kinds of questions are asked every day, yet rarely is the path clear on how to answer them. Thanks to some of the most scientific, unbiased research, Infocus Training can help you answer these questions and many others with a degree of confidence not possible before. Our psychometric assessments help Human Capital Learning and Development Professionals solve the Talent Management challenges they face.

Psychological employment testing has been found to be one of the most valid and cost effective strategies for Employee Selection and Development, Identifying Leadership Talent, Succession Planning, Team Building, Improving communication with customers and co-workers and increasing Sales Effectiveness.

At Infocus we combine years of experience with state-of-the-art instruments that are the best fit to meet our client’s objectives. These instruments save time and money in the employee selection process, reduce turnover, improve morale and increase employee effectiveness.

Our assessment tools measure Core Competencies, Behavioral Strengths and Limitations, Leadership Potential, Cognitive Attributes, Attitudes and Values. We select instruments that best uncover specific aspects of an individual’s true self or of the job and organization.

Capture Individual Uniqueness

A person is more than the sum total of their innate intelligence, education, experiences and what we can observe in their Behavior.

  • Each person has a unique combination of Values that drive their behavior and determines what gives them satisfaction in life. It is WHY they do things
  • People possess natural Capacities that determine WHAT they are capable of, although they may not have used that Capacity yet, or even be aware that they possess it.
  • Emotional Quotient ( EQ) is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity. Smart decision making requires more than intellect as measured by traditional IQ tests. The lack of EQ can affect a person’s ability to perform, fend off aggressors, or be compassionate in a crisis.

Turn Talent into Performance

The Infocus Training Suite of Assessment Systems gives a complete picture of an individual by measuring ALL aspects that affect performance and determines their unique value to the organization.

From talent selection to succession planning , from sales training to team building and leadership development, we provide assessment solutions for the challenges facing organizations today such as:

  • Selecting the Best Talent
  • Job Benchmarking
  • Retention and Succession Planning
  • Reducing Turnover
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Increasing Sales and Profit Margins
  • Coaching, Mentoring and Performance Improvement
  • Doing More with Less – Increasing Productivity.

Our detailed profiles reveal the results in a clear, applicable way that addresses our customer’s needs and provides actions plans that can be implemented immediately to achieve success in the areas targeted.

Assessments provide a much clearer three-Dimensional picture of an Individual, a Job or an Organization, including Behaviors, Values & Motivators and Capacities

All Profiles and Reports are conveniently available through Infocus Training’s On-Line Assessment Center for 24/7 access worldwide.

Explore our Assessment Systems today to find the solutions to your Talent Management challenges and achieve the successes you are looking for.

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