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nfocus Training addresses the main concerns of any company – Sustainable profits, Continued growth, Employee satisfaction and Retention. As a company grows, the complexity level of their organization increases, but it’s not because of revenues, increased competition or size of their market share. Complexity level increases because of the one factor you can’t control: People!

    The Model Approach versus the Problem Approach


    he most successful organizations are those that focus on the people rather than on the tasks themselves. Having the right people in place, the extent to which they embrace the company vision, communicate effectively with each and pull together in a collaborative way, determines the depth and extent of achieving the organization’s goals.

    Through our extensive library of assessments we can identify the challenges limiting your organization’s growth and work with your leaders creating initiatives to solve those issues.

    We provide psychometric assessments to Identify, Develop and Retain top talent. We examine Behaviors Styles, Motivators, Leadership Competencies, Acumen and Emotional Intelligence to keep your talent pool filled with employees that are committed to the company’s core values and culture.

    We deliver training workshops and seminars that focus on building the skills that accelerate your organization’s ability to grow. From Negotiating, Communication skills, Behavioral Selling to Cultural Diversity Awareness we provide the soft skills that produce hard results.

    Infocus Training has the experience, the tools and services with the ongoing support for companies to achieve their Visions.

    How Do You Lead?

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    Featured Seminars

    Cross-cultural Communication

    Effectively interact with customers, co-workers and business partners with diverse viewpoints. Whether you are presenting a proposal to a customer, managing a project or running a department, the outcome depends on the ability to establish open communications and a relationship built on trust.

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    Behavioral Selling

    Do you find it more difficult to connect with some clients than with others? They don’t return your calls and you don’t understand why? Why is it salespeople can build relationships so easily and quickly with some buyers and cannot with others?

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    Negotiating in the Automotive Industry

    To meet the challenges of increased competition and stay ahead of demanding government requirements your organization has innovated to offer greater value to the automotive OEM’s. But are you successfully LEVERAGING THAT VALUE to capture greater market share and profit margins?

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    Dynamic Communication

    The ability to effectively communicate with others is essential for establishing productive relationships and a positive Corporate Climate. Open the doors of communication with customers, co-workers and suppliers that will eliminate non-productive dialogue and encourage collaboration.

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    Stephanie Lease

    Stephanie Lease, CPBA, CPVA An Enthusiastic, Energetic & Engaging speaker and trainer Stephanie Lease has over 30 years successful business experience. She received her Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Miami and is a Certified Behavioral Analyst, a Certified Values Analyst and Certified Instructor of the Karrass Effective Negotiating seminar.She started Infocus Training, Inc in 1992 after leaving Fleet Credit Corporation, part of Fleet Financial Group where she served as Director of Sales and Marketing.

    Her seminars and workshops equip an organization’s staff with the soft skills necessary to achieve their vision, strategic goals, objectives and corporate culture. Power-Up your organization’s Voltage with Communication and Negotiation skills, Team Collaboration, Cultural Diversity Awareness and Sales Training. Clients include: Cisco Systems, Microsoft Business Solutions, TRW Automotive, Liggett Vector Brands, Donaldson Company, Charles Schwab and NASA.

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    How Do You Lead?

    Get a Complimentary Executive D.I.S.C. Assessment on your Leadership Style


    Training in the soft skills that produce hard results.


    Uncover your company’s challenges and strengthen your capacity to grow with in-depth views of your organization, leaders and staffs.


     Employee satisfaction has a high correlation to low turnover and enterprise profitability. Improve your bottom line with engaged, energized employees who are in the “Right Job”.


    Creating a workplace community from the bottom up is the key to sustained profits and high growth.


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